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Reed Rat

Mccaan Duet For Sale

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I have a 46 btn Lachenal McCaan Duet for sale. It was re-tuned to concert pitch and re-valved by the Button Box several years ago, hasn't been played much since then. I tried selling this on eBay several times and all I got was complaints about the cost.


The Button box tuner said it had a "sweet" tone, but maybe he was just being nice. It sounds better than either of my Crane duets, and I kept it for possibly spare reeds or to do my own Hayden style analysis, but lately I need the money and think it would be better off being played.



After reading Jody's comments on safe selling, I have decided to just put it up on eBay or Reverb.








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Hello Conzertino,


that is my AP James mini-anglo in G, APJ #4. I took it with me to the Toshiba Tall Ships festival at Dana Point and had it christened in Cannon smoke on board the ??? (darn the ship's name eludes me at the moment!), but it was ME who got most of the cannon smoke! Just about blew me off the deck, the very nice young woman working the cannon asked me if I "got it" thinking I was holding my camera, I was fine and enjoyed the puff of white smoke...I think that's what I went for.


Anyway, my little box got quite a stir at the show. I have another picture of me with it on my Wix site at cball64.wixsite.com/gallery page down through my photos and you will see it.


Its fun, but loud, and takes a lot of pushing and pulling.

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