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We here at The Button Box were considering the obstacles neophytes stumble over when they venture into the realm of free-reed instruments. It seems to us that often, depending on their search tactics, either they can't find enough information or they get information overload. Either way, we fear that it becomes tempting to go down to the corner music store and just buy a guitar. Perish the thought.

So what did we do? Did we add to the confusion? Well, we hope not.

We put together a non-selling website with some introductory information, including, of course, a link to concertina.net. The idea was more to provide a manageable amount of data
than to create an encyclopedic treatment of everything, but we do plan add to it over time, ideally in a way that keeps the content digestible. Please feel free to visit, even if you already know all there is to know, and if you teach and would like to be added to the teachers page, just let us know. Thanks! http://learnfreereed.com

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