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Tedrow 33 Button Anglo G/d

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I am selling a Tredrow Anglo concertina which I had custom built. It is in sunburst mahogany with seven fold bellows. Here is a link to some photos and a video on Bobs web site http://hmi.homewood.net/33bGDand http://hmi.homewood.net/33bGD/33blachenal.mov. There is G drone on the left and an extra button on the middle left hand side is A on the pull and G on the push. On the right hand side first two buttons top row are G# and A# in and out. At the far end of the middle row there is an additional button providing low E and D. This instrument has rarely been played and does not warrant me keeping it. I will sell for £1600 plus postage from Oxford U.K.

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