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Cormac Begley's Limited Edition Concertina Album


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Hi all;


Cormac Begley here. My first post on the site for a long time. I hope I'm in the correct area of the site for this. I was advised to post on this site to let you concertina folk all know that I will be releasing my debut album from April 1st in Ireland and that my album available on pre-order from Bandcamp. I have two version of design of the album. One is a limited edition concertina shaped album.


They are both available from here: https://cormacbegley.bandcamp.com/

I've recently posted a video of the limited edition to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cormacbegley/




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Looking forward to picking it up in person at Consairtín next month. Thank you so much for offering your download as FLAC instead of low resolution. I am in the home audio industry, and know that with the right DAC and associated gear the improved resolution matters.

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Hi Cormac,


We're pleased to hear about your album. In the future, posting in one forum (this one, Videos and Music would be my pick) is sufficient to get everyone's attention, in our experience. Regards,



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