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Help Identifying An Antique Anglo-German Concertina

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Hey guys,


Many thanks in advance for the help as I am a complete layman when it comes to concertinas.


I was just wondering whether anyone could tell me anything about this concertina I have attached pictures of. Helpfully it isn't marked anywhere with a maker but to my eye it is nice quality. The only thing I think I know about it is that its an Anglo-German set up and made from rosewood veneer.


If anyone knows anything about this instrument then I'd love to hear it, Google has failed me!









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Technically not an Anglo-German because it was made in Germany. Anglo-Germans were made in England.

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The earliest German concertinas were rectangular in shape and made in the industrial city of Chemnitz (sometimes referred to as "the Manchester of Saxony"), where the instrument was invented, and those were often signed internally, in pencil, by the maker.


But labour was expensive in Chemnitz and in the 1850s production started to move to more rural regions, especially around Klingenthal, and those instruments (like this one) rarely show any indication of who made them - though there could have been a label on the cardboard box that they would have come in originally...

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