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What Do I Do To Upgrade My Anglo?

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Hello everyone.

I have a1928 (or maybe 1878 depending on how you read the serial number) refurb Lachenal 20 key C/G Anglo. I would really like to be able to play tunes in other keys so would like to move to a 30 key. The problem is that I can't afford what I like and don't like what I can afford - typical dilemma. I have a budget up to £500 (if I had to I could throw in my Lachenal which would probably add another £300 to the pot but I am reluctant to do that).


So, do I give up or can anyone suggest something thatI might like - up against the sound of my current concertina.


As an aside, I went into a Hobgoblin and tried some Stagis but my wife winced at the sound so that route is out.



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Lachenal also made anglos with 22, 24, 26 and 28 keys any of which will be cheaper than a 30 key, but broadly speaking as you add more buttons the price goes up. How many extra notes do you need? The 22 and 24 keys are the least expensive after 20, but are not very common so it could be worth asking around for those sizes.

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