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Midland Concertina Group 8Th April 2017

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The next meeting of Midlands Concertina Group will be on Saturday 8th April 2017 at Arnold United Reformed Church Hall, Calverton Road, Arnold Nottingham (UK), NG5 8FQ.


The meeting after that is scheduled for 4th November 2017, venue to be confirmed.


This is an informal gathering of concertina players. There is no membership fee, but you are invited to make a contribution to the cost of the hall. There is also a short printed newsletter which can be posted to you twice a year of you provide some stamped self addressed envelopes.


A typical meeting has around 15 to 20 people present with a selection of Anglo, English and duet concertinas, old and new, with the occasional baritone, and sometimes other sizes. There may be 50 instruments in the room and it's often a great chance to try different styles and makes of concertina.


Ability levels vary from "I just came along to listen" through "absolute beginner" to experts with 30+ years of experience.


Music ranges from Morris tunes on 20 button Anglos, through Playford, Irish, Scottish and other folk styles, to "popular classics", church music, and show tunes, jazz or ragtime - there are no rules or limits. Some people play solo, others play in duos or trios. Some play accompaniment while they sing.


This meeting is a great chance to hear what the instrument is capable of, to show off what you can do, to share experiences, stories and hints and tips, and generally to remind yourself what fun there is to be had with a concertina.

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