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Wheatstone May Fair C/g 30 Key Anglo For Sale


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Hi, I have not been playing my concertinas much these last few months and would like to sell this model in order to re-invest - you know how it goes :-). I bought this instrument off of ebay a few years back as an upgrade to the entry level 30 key instruments, which it was. If I recall from the seller, it was originally purchased and played by a blind street musician in Canada and brought back to Scotland where it sat in a cupboard for many years. Hence it is probably in as good as a condition you can get for an instrument getting on for 60 years old. I like the fact it is as old as I am, hmm but in some respects seems to have fared better :-) Anyway, given this instrument participated in a few ToTMs on this forum I thought I would offer it here first. Comes with a case. I am in Herefordshire in the UK. £425 . Thanks.



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