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Howard Mitchell-Borts

Identifying A Single Action Baritone English

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I've recently resurrected a baritone concertina which I've had for many years but it needed new bellows.

The bellows are being made. Can anyone identify the instrument?


Here are links to several photos.

There are no identifying marks other than L and R on the reed pans and L6 and R6 on the inside of the bellows frames and

the thumb screws have intertwined letters CAP engraved on them, see screw.jpg.











The bellows are in green leather with dot and cross papers and have air valves in the lower folds. There appears to have been a fine mesh inside the fretwork but it has mostly disintegrated.

It comes in a wooden box matching the instrument with a very faded and torn red lining.







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Hello , From the actio and reed photos you have a Wheatstone from about the 1880's. My 56 key C bass is from a little later, I hope you enjoy the end result.


Mike Acott

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I tend to agree with Mike, the double riveted reeds were the first clue, the action pivot posts is the second, and the shaped lever arm profile is the third clue.

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