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Saltarelle 40B C/g Anglo Information Needed

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I recently purchase a 40 button Saltarelle Anglo Concertina. Any info anyone may have about it would be quite helpful.

I particularly need help getting replacements for some missing box end screws and finishing washers for it as shown in the attached photos.

I can email anyone additional photos if that would help.

The screws are M3x50 flat head phillips drive machine screws.

In several locations on the interior of the instrument there are ink stamps as follows:

Akkordeon Service

Len Killick

D-6749 Worms

Written in graphite pencil is the number 188 in a box on the stamps which I assume to be a serial number.

On the case the address is different.

Akkordeon Service

Len Killick

Haingasse 4

67549 Worms

Thank you in advance for your help. FYI, I am brand new to this group and thrilled to have found it!


Michael George

Longmont, Colorado, USA







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Hi, Michael,

And welcome to the Forum!


It's safe to say that whatever question you might have about concertinas - be it musical, technical or commercial - you'll find the answer here.


So let's start with your recent purchase. From the photos, it's obviously a re-badged Stagi. It looks almost the same inside and out as my trusty 30-button Stagi, except for the number of buttons and the finish - mine is varnished wood (see my avatar). I had one like yours in my hands in the shop where I bought mine. It was also branded Stagi.


Now, you'll hear a lot of criticism of the Stagis here, but I've been playing mine on stage for more than 20 years, and I'm quite happy with it. Admittedly, I had a lot of teething problems to deal with at the start (as I said, I bought it new in a music shop), but since then I've had only trouble-free playing, and the sound blends well with my group, which consists of fiddle, guitars and double bass. I also like it for self-accompanied singing.


Considering that your specimen has been through the hands of a German accordion technician, the teething problems (which apparently stem from inadequate quality control at the factory) should have been dealt with, so all I can do is to wish you much joy of it!


As to the missing M6 screws and rosettes, if you can't get them in your country, somebody in Europe should be able to help.


BTW, the address of the tech is not really different in the instrument and on the case.

"Haingasse 4" is the street and house number, "67549 Worms" is the post-code and city. In Germany, we often prefix a "D-" to the post-code to show that it's in Germany (Deutschland). Saves us writing "Germany" at the bottom of the address! ;)

The pencilled-in "188" is most probably the technician's job number, or something similar.


Let's hear how you get on,




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Since it's for a fellow Coloradan, I looked on the Home Depot website, where I recently had to purchase metric machine screws for another purpose. Picture of product on website appears inaccurate, but the description sounded right. Description was "M3-0.5 x 50mm Philips Square Flat-Head Machine Screws". (I could not figure out how to post a link to the product).


I defer to the worldwide panel of experts on all things concertina. But, hey, I spend a lot of time in Home Depot.

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Description was "M3-0.5 x 50mm Philips Square Flat-Head Machine Screws". (I could not figure out how to post a link to the product).


That'd be these then: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Crown-Bolt-M3-0-5-x-50-mm-Phillips-Square-Flat-Head-Machine-Screws-3-Pack-06828/203539936


But that doesn't solve the question pf the M3 cup washers that are also needed...

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