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wes williams

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After responding to the recent query here on Harry Boyd, I've made the first of a series of updates to my website. This update has added three more Alexander Prince 'Winner' label 78rpms, so you can now download a complete set of all his Winner recordings, which were issued between Feb 1912 and Jan 1914. Research suggests that all these sides were recorded c.1910 and previously release on the Bell Disc label, but until I find more definite release dates for Bell discs, they are indexed by their Winner release dates. The Prince audio page is here


An update to the Prince discography is also well advanced. Many more release dates - especially of cylinders - will be added, plus direct links to the audio where I have it.

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Many thanks Wes, your research work and collections are absolutely magnificent ! Some illiterate questions

come up concerning the Regal label:

I noticed that the only Salvation Army related recordings I found on your page is the disc by Archie Burgess

on Regal. I have about a hundred 78s with various SA brass bands, all of them on Regal too. Some other

"secular" recordings in your collection are on Regal. So... I just wonder... was Regal in some way related to

SA or did SA record on Regal for ordinary reasons whatsoever, or did SA release recordings on several more

labels as well? Do you know any SA concertina band recordings? Is there any documentation that concertina

bands from SA participated in any of the known band competitions?

At last...some of the Alexander Prince tunes are particularly impressive considering having been performed

on a (big?) Maccann duet. Is it familiar if he ever used the English as well and maybe did recordings also?

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I believe the SA only used Regal (to Dec 32) and Regal-Zonophone (from Jan 33 when EMI merged the labels), see here

There was no documented connection between the SA and Regal.


There are a few SA concertina band recordings - the ICA have them.


In competitions? No idea! Stephen Chambers might know - and Jennie Cox used to have a large collection of material relating to bands.


Prince's recordings were 100% Maccann. According to Tommy Williams he was obsessive about the system. A lot of his stage act involved swinging the concertina about while playing it, which would have been useful in early recordings - it was necessary for the performer to move back and forth in front of the recording horn to keep the sound level even.

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