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Looking For Music For The 34 Hayden Duet?

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I believe this is the tutor that Inventor is referrring to: http://www.concertina.com/hayden-duet/Hayden-All-Systems-Duet-Workshop-Tutor.pdf


I wrote a beginners tutor for the Hayden concertina, which gives a very simple bass line for the left hand side. Included in it is "The High Barbary" one of the sea songs that Bob Roberts of Penmill used to sing along with many of his sea shanties.

This gives a simple counter melody to the tune. However for sea shanties I would personally suggest a good rhythmic um-pah bass to get the anchor up and the sails hoisted might be more suitable.

You will find the above mentioned tutor on the other concertina site (concertina.com).

If you have any other questions about Hayden concertinas you should post on the teaching and learning section of this web site.



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Thanks for the feedback. Im sure you are 100% correct. The only information I had on the fingering was pg 2 of the Elise tutor. "...to make sure you use the correct finger" It seemed like a good starting point. The raw data (notes in any song) are translated/shifted/transposed to fit the available notes on the Elise, then output into the three formats (midi, sheetmusic, and my tab) My Goal is to have the left hand filled with the chords of silent night (with words) in time to learn it for Xmas. The learning curve on lilypond alone is pretty steep. My test right now is to see if my notes (regardless of source) are accurately reflected in the output. If there was another Tab system out there, this is where someone would point me in the right direction. My apologizes to Mr Bach for just using a snippit of his tune. Thanks again.


The pdf attached to the above post illustrates my previous point. There are two notes in each measure. Clearly, listening to the tune, one can hear that they should be notated in groups of three.

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I play the harp as well, and find that music for beginning to intermediate players of small lap harps to be ideal.  The music tends to be in the keys of C, D, F and G  which suits many concertina models.  Left hand accompaniment tends to be simpler, and there is a LOT of music out there, particularly in folk and traditional music.  Happy hunting.

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