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Lachenal Anglo Amboyna


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For sale, Lachenal anglo concertina, number 110899 (circa 1900),
30 keys + 2 "air buttons", bone buttons, G/C, perfect original condition,
news valve and pads, tuned concert pitch.
Price : 3500 euros, 3050 GBP, 3750 USD + shipping

Located : France




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Many years ago I had the piccolo Anglo to match it, found by a friend of mine in the Chor Bazaar in Mumbai, India!


A piccolo anglo is pitched in D/A? and semi-miniature?


A piccolo Anglo is pitched one octave higher than one in any normal "treble" key. which was C/G In the case of the one I'm talking about. Though I've had a D/A piccolo Aeola through my hands in the past.


Piccolo concertinas are always semi-miniature in size.

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