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My Tune Of The Week 2


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The tune for this week is the "Sett Quadrille". It#s a very energetic dance with three steps in a bar. Two things show how powerful this dance is:
The tempo is difficult to find out in the living room. The joke says play it so fast that the dancer's face turns red. Then slow down a bit.
The other thing is a picture in my head when our female dance leader stands beside the group and is clapping so that they get more motivated. They need every help..
It is hard work for the musician, too, but I have a drink beside me.

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My Tune of the week:
Today we had again a very good practice hour with our folk dance group in Heide. We learned a new dance: the "Alfelder Triolett".
It's a very nice and lovely dance, just like the music, a 24 bar jig :




Played on my Chemnitzer.

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Tune of The Week


My Tune of The Week is not a new one. But I have to work in the night for some days, so I need a nice tune. The tune's name is "Portsmouth" and I love to play it for hours and hours and hours. It has something that makes my soul smile.




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Tune of The Week: Viertüriger


Excellent atmosphere in yesterday's meeting of the Heider Folkdance Group.

It's a four part dance with a square formation. The first part is always changing and allows to play a funny theatre. So we had great fun!



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