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Please can I alert concertina/net readers in the north of the UK to a short tour I shall be doing in a fortnight or so.It is part of a national launch tour of folk clubs, arts centre and folk festival gigs that I am doing this year to introduce my debut solo CD " After All These Years"...which i have made at the age of 69.It was produced by my eldest son Sean, a well-known producer and musician.In fact, for those of you who know the folk scene- both in the UK, America, Europe inc Ireland - the " solo" album is peppered with some of the biggest names: Sean on guitar and his Yorkshire-born wife Kathryn Roberts on vocals;middle son Sam on piano and his acclaimed Irish singer wife Cara Dillon also on vocals, plus my famous son Seth on violin and viola.The legendary Nic Jones- who is a neigbour in my Dartmoor village- even sings on the CD!Also helping out is fellow Dartmoor musician Jim Causley,Ben Nicholls,Sam Kelly, Jamie Francis,Dan Crimp and Gill Redmond.The album has had national radio plays on Mark Radcliffe's BBC Radiio 2 Folk Show, plus BBC Radio 6 Tom Robinson show. Mike Harding has played several tracks on his popular worldwide podcast, and a dozen or more other BBC local radio and other indepedent radio stations have given airplay.You can buy it from amazon, iTunes, Proper or, best of all, via Paypal on my website www.geofflakeman.co.uk Better still come and hear the " stuff" live .

On Thurs, Feb 16 I'll be playing at the renowned Black Swan Folk Club in York.

On Fri, Feb 17 I'm supporting ace singer-songwriter Pete Morton at the Harlequin Theatre in Northwich, Cheshire.

On Sat, Feb 18 Mike Harding has very kindly set up a solo gig for me at The Lion pub in Settle,Yorkshire

On Sun, Feb 19 I play the Bothy Folk Club at Southport, Lancs.

All concertina fans - especially duet players - will, hopefully, find something of interest in my shows.I use a Crane duet to perform self-written and west-country songs, English and Irish folk, Americana and even 19210's30's jazz. I would love to meet some concertina players from ' oop north.'Do come along .

(While I'm here - for 'tinba players further south and west, I have solo gigs this Sat, Feb 4 at the David Hall, South Petherton,Somerset and on Sat, Feb 11 I'm at the Blazing Stump Folk Club, Carhampton Village Hall, near Minehead,Somerset.

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It's bloody well north to me ........I'm only 90 miles from Land's End.I estimate about 350 mile drive to my first gig at York. But I DO realise there is alot of the UK north of Yorkshire etc. I played Orkney Folk Festival last year and chose to drive...marvellous journey. But..the biggest moan I get from people from " up -country' , especially London, is how long it takes them to get down here to Devon, never mind the west of Cornwall where I come from.I've played at St Just, near Land's End where the next " gig" west is in New York more than 3,000 miles away.

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But..the biggest moan I get from people from " up -country' , especially London, is how long it takes them to get down here to Devon, never mind the west of Cornwall where I come from...

Bloody grockels - they jam up our local Somerset roads on the way back and forth to their holidays etc. in Devon :D


Hope to see you at South Peth - almost back in the area of your Shepton/Wells/Axbridge days of many years ago!

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Just been to Geoff's gig at Petherton - throughly enjoyable and recommended! And as good as he was 40 years ago - perhaps better :D You Northerners are in for a treat - he's been taking a back seat in the Lakeman musical clan for far too long.


My wife reminded me that she'd seen Geoff more recently than I had - he'd been on a Paddy Ashdown Lib-Dem tour bus as a reporter which stopped briefly at a South Somerset pub, disgorged its contents and then had Geoff playing concertina with Paddy on spoons in the bar, while my wife and her mates clogged to the music. After about 30 minutes somebody blew a whistle and the bus immediately filled up again and departed. Now there's a weird picture for you to conjure with :blink:

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