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Greg Jowaisas

Noel Hill Midwest Camp Returning To Cincinnati

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Most of us are engaged in that "long winter of practice" as Noel calls it, but it is not too early to start thinking about concertina camp this summer.


Noel Hill Midwest will be returning to the Cincinnati area at a new site run by the Episcopal sisters: Transfiguration Spirituality Center in the northern suburb of Glendale OH. There are 22 acres of manicured grounds, air conditioned private rooms with private baths and a chef to prepare 3 meals a day for participants.


Noel Hill Midwest camp will run from Sunday July 30th to Friday noon August 4th. Contact Linda Mann at: noelhillclass@gmail.com

to reserve your spot.


Glendale and adjacent Wyoming, OH are beautiful, old neighborhoods in northern Cincinnati with tree lined streets and not far from the hustle and bustle of the Tri-County Mall shopping area. About 40 minutes north of the Cincinnati/Northern KY airport. (Southwest Airlines is supposed to initiate service to Cincinnati July 1st 2017 which may facilitate flight connections.)


The Midwest camp is generally populated by friendly folks who go out of their way to make newbies feel at home. We can usually coordinate Sunday rides from the airport to save on shuttle fees. Noel brings his usual intensity to camp but a general feeling of comradery helps alleviate the "shared suffering" :lol: as we try and keep up with Noel's instruction. There is a vibrant Irish Trad community in the Cincinnati area and week highlights usually include an evening session and often a concert by the Master.


A great learning experience for all levels of players and we are excited to have a new, accommodating venue this year..

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While I haven't yet visited the new class venue, I did stop and take a look at it on their website (which unfortunately is currently down) and the facilities look really nice. As Greg pointed out, those of us driving by the airport can usually provide rides to those coming in to Cincinnati by air.


With just a couple of minor gaps, I have been attending Noel's US classes since 1996 and have survived the experience with no permanent damage! Noel makes sure that each student is offered an excellent and challenging concertina learning experience suited to their own performance level. He is a very hard working teacher and does his best to help each player succeed -- whether the student is brand new, experienced or anywhere in between. The students are divided into groups by experience level and the tunes are selected to match. Each day every student has two class sessions and at each class session you will be given one or more tunes to work on for the next class period. Every student will have the opportunity to perform each assigned piece for Noel and his critiques help you to grow and learn -- at your own pace.


I believe that these classes may have been overshadowed by the big events like the Irish Arts week, but the NHICS classes provide much better value at a very modest cost. If you have wanted to attend a concertina class but haven't yet taken the plunge, you won't find a better value than Noel's classes -- and you'll be learning from the best. The Catskills and West Coast classes are large and usually fill up early but the MidWest class is smaller and can easily accommodate newcomers. So consider this your personal invitation to come and join us in Cincinnati!


If you any questions about the NHICS, feel free to post them here or PM me and I will try to answer them for you.


Ross Schlabach

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