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Concertina Reeds, Czech Made - Louny

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Hello, I sell complete set of reeds. 42 reeds, i bought 2 low reeds more in the same size in case I wanted to change the tuning layout of the second row - the lowest button from G/d to B/A
I wanted to build my own anglo CG concertina, however I don’t have enough time to do so. So i decided to sell this complete set of reeds. The reeds are pre tuned manually in the factory. They are fine quality reeds from czech manufacturer, see the site.
In case of interest contact me and I would send you complete sheet with size and pitch of every single reed.
Price is 160 euros.
Thank you

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in that case, i need a complete set of a wheastone style concertina reeds. i cant do it fully by myself, but maybe you want to help and we can do it together :)

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