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That Sweet Story Of Old

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Nice one, enjoyed. You're playing lots of chords Mike and so working the bellows a lot. How do you rate the air economy on your Aeola, albeit with only five fold bellows. I have an Edeophone, six fold, and I find air economy very poor compared with my Wakker concer.

Thanks, Steve. There are a lot of 4-note chords as well as a low F drone through much of that piece, but I found the 5-fold bellows just fine. I replaced the pads and valves during the refurbishment so the instrument is very efficient in general.

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I've really enjoyed these last few posts, Michael; the Aeola sounds fantastic, the rich harmonies you've worked out are marvelous, and hearing music so different from the kind of spare, melody-line kind of stuff I mostly play (albeit on Anglo) makes me itch to expand my palette a little. These bear repeated listening! Thanks.


Bob Michel

Near Philly

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