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Lachenal 46 Key Maccan Duet Concertina For Sale Sn 4785

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Lachenal 46 key Maccann wooden ended duet concertina s/n 4725, 6 fold bellows, steel reeds, no box.


[serial number originally stated as 4785 which has been pointed out to me as being incorrect, now corrected to 4725]

There are no straps fitted, 3 keys are sticking, 3 keys are silent in one direction, the bellows are basically sound but with a very small air leak I can feel on my face. All reeds need to be tuned.
Can also be seen on eBay => http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172493294540
Buy It Now Price £155.00 + postage and packing £15.00
Please see the pictures below:
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You say that the serial number is 4785. But the 4th photo in your posting seems to show 4725--albeit handwritten. ??????

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Yes, I think you are correct in that it is much more likely to be 4725. I don't think it was hand written though, looks a bit like a typewriter?


I will edit the original post to reflect your observation.




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