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Ann Kirrane And Roger Digby At 2017 Palestine Festival And Workshops

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The Palestine concertina weekend in the East Texas Pineywoods (and the accompanying old time music festival) was a big hit, and here is a photo of the 2017 Palestine concertina crew.


Ann Kirrane wowed 'em in concert with her gorgeous singing and Clare style concertina playing, as did Roger Digby with his English tunes and completely different approach to the concertina. We held a house concert in Fulshear, Texas for the two of them before taking off to Palestine, where Roger told a very funny story (with tunes) straight out of the English pub playing tradition. Ann and Roger held a total of five workshops and three concert appearances during the weekend; they worked hard. Ann emceed the main festival concert on Thursday night, skillfully weaving together a variety of old time performers from the festival who playing a mixture of English, Irish, and American music....showing off the very obvious links among their music. At one point, one of the concertina players, Erica Braverman, performed a broom dance while three of us (Ann, myself, and Katie Meeks) played a couple of North Clare concertina reels. Great fun.


I think we had 16 registered attendees for the concertina workshops, which is a record. Ann taught tunes, and Roger held forth on technique, so it was an excellent mix. As usual, there was plenty of old time music at the rest of the festival, with lots of impromptu sessions, old time gospel singing, and the like. The Spring weather was delightfully warm as usual. Thanks to all involved for a great weekend. Now to plan for next year!






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I had a great time and learned a lot. Sorry to have missed the Thurs concert. I found learning by ear challenging and in the workshop I discovered I was bloody awful at it, but in the privacy of my own home I can tediously go over and over Ann's tunes at around 35 bpm! I think of it as the tortoise plodding along gets there eventually. I really appreciate how nice and helpful the more advanced players are.


This week also my Staging goes to the Button Boc for a service.

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