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Dipper Co Clare To Sell


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Due to age and bad hands, I am looking to sell my Dipper Co Clare 32 button C/G, #373.


I custom ordered it from Colin in 1998 and picked it up at his shop in 2000 while on a trip to England.


The concertina is wooden-ended, six fold decorated brown bellows, 5mm bronze buttons.


Two custom features are:

1. Extra button for RH middle row 1st finger is a reverse E/F# from the LH

2. 4th button LH outside row is a reverse G/A from the 5th button middle row.


Around 2010, Paul Groff tuned it up and it has been only played 4-5 hours since. As it has

been sitting in its box the bellows is a bit stiff.


This is in like new condition and pictures are available on request.


I thought I would offer it for sale here before pursuing other options so that net members would have

first chance.


I am not sure what such a concertina is worth, but I would assume at least $7500 plus shipping and insurance.


All the best




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As there have been no replies, I assume no one is interested, so I will pursue other options.


If anyone would like additional info contact me at pkinder72@att.net


I would think you're being a bit impatient, considering that this is New Year's weekend and you only posted two days ago. I would guess that quite a few of our members haven't even looked at these forums since you posted your notice. And considering your price, some might be waiting for their banks to open on Monday before expressing interest... to see whether they could arrange a loan. (Not all banks would be willing, but I know of a few concertinas which were bought that way.)

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I posted the att.net email address because I thought there would be confusion between my id and the email address in my profile.


In your profile? Do you mean your screen name?


If you've entered an email address as part of the information to create your profile, it shouldn't be visible to others, but is only used by the forum software if you need to be contacted (e.g., if you need to be notified of a new Personal Message on the forum).


And I just checked. I can see no email address in your profile, except for the one which is your screen name.

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