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Locked Out Of Concertina.net...

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I've just been in Vienna for four days and found it impossible to get to the forum. I kept getting the page where it said that I was not allowed to access the forum - even trying to log in didn't help! Thinking the whole site was down, I eventually I e-mailed a couple of friends here, who told me everything was normal at their end, so it must have been a purely local issue. I did try with both computer and mobile device, but both were denied access. Once outside of Vienna, the site worked fine from the first WiFi connection I had. I just wondered if anybody had experienced this strange effect in the past?. I might add that everything else worked fine - e.mail, browser, FTP etc. it was as if the WiFi connection had it in solely for concertina.net...




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A plot by the Hohner Vienna melodeons (pokerwork) to take over the world.

That was my thought too Rob, but I didn't have any problems when I was in Trossingen last year - admittedly, they only make harmonicas there there days...



This is a screenshot of the message I received...




Did you try pressing the “Full Version” button at the bottom? The mobile version of this site is notoriously full of problems, many solved by using the desktop version on a mobile device.


Yes I did David, I even got the same message on my computer. There was no problem with the concertina.net home page, it was just the forums that were out of bounds...



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