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Dating A Stretched Duet


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Hello All,

Sory if this question is answered elswhere, but can any one point me to the date of manufacture of a Lachenal Maccann duet stretched hexagon number 2184? I just bought this one from Steve, a new member of this forum and am awaiting delivery.

I have heard these stretched hexagons called "new model". Is that correct, and did this description included non stretched instruments?

Thanks in advance, Dave.

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I agree with the Wes Williams' dating--about 1902/1903. I do not have a receipt for a Lachenal Maccann duet that is "right under" or "right above" your No. 2184. My closest is No. 1819 with an original bill of sale for a 62-key Maccann, dated 8 February 1898. Incidently, until about 1910, Maccann and Crane duets by Lachenal & Co. had separate serial number series. Thus, Crane duet numbers do not enter into estimating the dating of Maccann duets at the turn of the century. At the beginning of 1903, the Crane series was probably only around no. 330, and around no. 400 by the end of the year.

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Thanks to all for various replies, it is nice to know an approximate date. I have recently noticed that both my streched hexes are different. The older one has a bit more stretch than 2184. I need to get them together in the same room and compare them. (one is at work, one at home). The older one has larger reeds than the newer one, but is much the same physical size, though with fewer buttons I guess it could be a baritone? Neither are transposing instruments, ie, they both play in C. Were baritone maccanns of the stretched variety made?

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