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Concertina Cases

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Don't get them in Tassie. So a thylacine, (Tassie Tiger) had to suffice, but we don't get them anymore either, the government paid for them to be exterminated last century.



Like the fabulous mountain ash trees that they cut down. The early Aussies were worse than the Americans for laying waste to national treasures.

But they couldn't tell the future, and life was a struggle.

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Yes, and the Tasmanian government is still at it, they have just earmarked 400,000 acres of absolutely prime native forests for logging in the next few years, despite massive resistance, and life is not that much of a struggle in Australia/Tasmania anymore. Greed that motivates here and short term gain: thank God we have characters with the courage stand in front of dozers bull dozers and automated loggers, both figuratively and metaphorically speaking. The Tassie government has made it a crime to protest at a logging site -- you are carted straight off to the cells if you do, an option some tough characters have already taken.



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