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Lachenal Maccann Duet W/chidley Layout


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Time to repost this.


This is essentially a high-end best-period Lachenal MacCann Duet with a slightly modified (Chidley) layout so that the pattern is uniform throughout by consistently repeating in all octaves rather than shifting in the upper octave. The difference is minor overall, but wonderful if you appreciate a fully isomorphic layout as I do. A notation chart is in the PDF, herewith.


The concertina is in excellent condition with original glass buttons.


In Summary:Vintage Lachenal

65b MacCann Duet in modified Chidley layout


Wood Ends

Glass Buttons

Cry Baby and Whistle

Wood Handles

Leather Wrist Straps

The original case in poor, but serviceable, condition as one would expect.


I really do want to send this along to someone else who will appreciate it.

Post-op prognosis renders it surplus.


Please see the PDF, herewith, for photos, evaluation and documentation of work performed by Wim Wakker, and the previously mentioned notation chart.


I may be contacted directly using: danersen@gmail


Best wishes to all for an enjoyable and meaningful holiday season.





Lachenal Chidley SM.pdf

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