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Anglo Concertina Teacher In South London?


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I'm pretty sure Jody Kruskal does lessons via skype. If you are going to have lessons it's probably advisable to have them with an experienced teacher and excellent player of the anglo concertina. Jody certainly is an excellent player. With skype there would be no travel involved at all so no petrol or tube ticket costs. I've no idea what the cost would be but a bit more expensive these days for Brits after, what was it you did? Brexit?

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Thanks for the kind words Steve.


Yes John, I have Anglo students world-wide who want assistance as they work on playing in the harmonic/English style. Just check out my web site... http://jodykruskal.com/concertina_lessons.html


I've figured out a method of distance learning that works very well with my students.


Actually, I'm in England at the moment on my yearly folk club tour. I'll be driving from Watford to Dorking tomorrow for my Wednesday evening club performance there. Amazingly enough, I have some time on my hands in the afternoon and would enjoy meeting you for a lesson. However, it seems unlikely that you would be free then on such short notice or that we could find a location that was convenient for both of us. Still, email me if you like, my address is available from my web site contact button.


Best of luck on your concertina adventure.

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