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Danny Chapman's Menuet By Handel

Noel Ways

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Danny is one of several concertina players whose musicianship keep pushing me to better my music playing and creativity.

I check his SoundCloud page daily for uploads

His recent two uploads




are at another level all together, if seems to me. Amazing. Close to perfection?


The smoothness and expression may challenge my playing for years.

Further, I do not sense the presence of the bellows, or the clicking of the keys, or some

of the other typically characteristic quirks of the concertina.


I guess I am bringing all this up for input on techniques on how to play

in such a flowing manner. Also, in this age of technology, to what degree

does this play into the presentation.


Danny, I'd love to hear from you on this (and I am sure others may as well) !!


Best to all ...




I just discovered that Danny has already begun to discuss the above at:





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I totally agree, Danny is a wonderful player with such "smoothness and expression". On a level above most of us I'd suggest. Some just have the gift and don't have to labour over technique and I suspect this is the case with Danny. He's just really good and probably the recording technology doesn't play too much of a part except for his latest offering and the use of multi tracking. He does have a very good concer which makes a huge difference. What does Danny think? yes I'd love to hear from him too.


A few years ago I heard his recording of Around the Samovar and fell in love with that piece of music and felt some affinity as many years ago I'd acquired my (almost) first concertina from Boris Matusewitch. It took me a long time to learn "Samovar" but I certainly can't play it like Danny and doubt if I ever will.

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