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Another Approach To The Anglo Concertina

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At last I have got round to publishing a tutor for the Anglo based on the way I taught myself to play. It's been about five years since I first said that I would write one.


Initially I have decided to go the electronic route and "Another Approach to the Anglo Concertina" is now available for download from Amazon priced at whatever the equivalent is of $3.99 is in your locality (currently £3.19 in the UK).


I shall be looking into publishing it in physical form sometime soon.


Basically I play in octaves and by ear and this is reflected in the text which has no musical notation in it, but does have button layouts and fingering labelling.


Interested to hear any comments.


Robin Madge

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Hi Robin


If a paperback edition became available, I would be delighted, but I don't need anything fancy. I would be happy with a .pdf file that I could print out myself, if publishing it as a printed book is too much effort.


Amazon seems to be offering the electronic version as some kind of proprietary Kindle format. So I've not made the purchase yet, because I couldn't work out whether there is a way to print it out on paper from that format. I'd rather not be stuck reading it on my computer.

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I just bought this for my Kindle last night as I think because of the style and format, which is not the same as tutor books normally are, it should work quite well on there.


Will let you know more when I have had a read !


Great idea anyway, thanks Robin.



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On 12/3/2020 at 4:24 PM, Guenther said:

I found at amazon the ebook "Another approach to the anglo concertina" - but it is in kindle-format. It is possible, to get a copy in normal pdf-format?

kind regards - Günther Friedrich


I believe Calibre can do this. There are some instructions here:


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