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Popeye The Sailor Man - 44 Minute Cg Anglo Video Tutorial

Daddy Long Les

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I have posted a brand new video tutorial for this brilliant tune. You can see a clip from the tutorial here:-




You get access to the full length, unlisted You Tube video, four pages of sheet music and a full set of instructional notes - all for just £10 and available instantly.


I teach you how to play the famous A part that we all know plus the lesser known B and C parts. Two camera angles and slow and careful, bar-by-bar instruction will ensure that you understand exactly what to do which is perfect for the beginner or improver.


Go to www.daddylongles.com/videolessons for more details.


Edited as per Dave's post below


Here is a performance of the tune:-



Edited by Daddy Long Les
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G'day Les, I just watched your video out of interest more than wanting to learn the tune. Could I make a small suggestion. I think it would be helpful to learners if you played the tune through fully at the beginning so they have a feel for what they are learning. Otherwise really well done and I wish there was more of this when I was learning.



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yeah right. This is addition is no good. what makes it worse is that your telling people to pay you money for.... this.



regardless of dadylongass or w/e his name is.


check out all the free material on here. folks that make no money at all, and have a ton more knowledge. this site is worth it.


even alan days info... is actually clear an concise how to start learning basic anglo. he deserves money.

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Have some respect.


If you don't like the wares on offer then simply do not buy them. I would have thought that after your comments about Jody's CD you would have learned to be a bit more cautious before typing.


Les has recorded many free YouTube lessons for various instruments. He is a professional session man and teacher, he makes his living from music. If he wants to sell some his work then that his prerogative.

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