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Lachenal Concertina

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I have a concertina with a Lachenal sticker attached as well as a Wheatstone tag on the box. It came with my husband's grandfather from Scotland in 1917. It has 48 bone buttons. I have photos but could not upload them. Can someone advise me on the age of the concertina. The Wheatstone address places the age before 1915. There is also a serial #59055.

Thanks for any info.

Mary Haddon

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That serial number, 59055, is much too high for a Wheatstone 48 key English concertina.

Also a bit high for a Lachenal 48 built in or before 1917; I would have thought well into the 1920s.


Could the first digit perhaps be a 3 rather than a 5? That would put it's age of manufacture into the 1890s if it is a Lachenal....but still too high for a Wheatstone!


It is not uncommon for Lachenal concertinas to find their way into Wheatstone cases, and vice versa.

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