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Elise Concertina Chord Chart

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There's an error on the page. I have notified the author.


Under "Intervals," the labels and the diagrams don't correspond correctly. One label and one diagram are missing, and they are not the same interval. The label "Tritone" accompanies the diagram of a major 3rd. There is no label for "major 3rd." Then the label "13th" accompanies the diagram for the tritone and there is no diagram for the 13th. The next one (minor 6th) is correctly labeled, as are all the rest.

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Use the following diagram for the shape of dominant sevenths.



( ) ( 5 ) ( )

( 7 ) ( R ) ( ) ( 3 )


This pattern fits in four different places on an Elise, to give the chords C7. G7. D7 & A7.


For C7 the button marked 7 plays the Bb (the leftmost button on an Elise) and the button marked R (the root note of the chord) plays C. Other inversions of the chord may be played by moving a finger up or down to the next but one row as available,


Personally I usually play a dominant seventh chord leaving out 5 alternatively you might leave out 3.



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