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Sad News

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I never met David, though I bought parts from him, and occasionally I find myself working on one of the many concertinas that he restored for Chris Algar - in fact (it seems somehow appropriate that) I've just finished giving one of them a fine tune and putting new straps on it, after 5 years of hard use.


His work has left us a great legacy of concertinas brought back from sad decrepitude to glorious playing condition, and he'll be sorely missed!

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I had a number of dealings with David over the years when he was at Concertina Spares.

It is a very beneficial source of concertina supplies which are not readily available.

Good to see it being continued.

I can fully concur with the kind thoughts being expressed about David. I met him at Mark Davies' Bradfield

music weekend and it was obvious that he was a gent.

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That is sad news Mike, he was very kind to me with my first Concertina and I learnt a lot from him over a cup of tea in the Portacabin. It was fascinating watching him repairing bellows and producing springs and valves, He had jigs and dies for everything.

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Very sorry to hear this. David used to live not so far from me, but I'd only discovered him just before he moved to Wales. He was always very helpful. On one occasion I was visiting Wales for the weekend, and was able to drop my instrument off with him on Friday evening and he had it ready for me to collect before I returned home on Sunday evening. A lovely man with a wealth of knowledge and information.

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