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"ouroboros Is Broken" -- Earth Cover

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Here's one for the legion of drone/doom metal fans among us ;)




A version of the longest track from Earth's Extra-Capsular Extraction EP, to celebrate 25 years since its release (and the impending arrival of Dylan Carlson & co. in the UK for another tour...)


This is a slightly different version again from the way I used to do it in my experimental tuba group ORE -- not least in the instrumentation (2 tubas plus all manner of guests including contrabass clarinet) but also for the addition of harmonic lines and a relaxation of the rather rigid deconstructive process I used to apply to it (removing one note from each repetition until left with the coda pattern).


Still a work in progress while I work out whether I like what I've done with the chords at the end :)

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