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New Here, New (To Me) Concertina Day!

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Hey all,

I'm new to the concertina, though a long time musician (mandolin, tenor banjo, drums, guitar). Enjoying reading through all the posts here and getting some education about the instrument! I managed to find a second-hand Tedrow C/G Anglo, which just arrived today (I had been renting a Rochelle for the past 2 weeks). I've been doing the Ernestine Healy and Edel Fox lessons on OAIM, will be attending a Caitlín Nic Gabhann workshop next month and looking to find someone to do Skype lessons with as well. If you can't tell, I'm a wee bit obsessed! Off now to get to know the Tedrow better!

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Welcome to the madness. I'm pretty new at this myself (a bit over 1 calendar year with a few months off in the middle) but I've found this place quite helpful. I play (at) the English so we're going to end up speaking different languages when it comes to squeezeboxes, but the more the merrier :)

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