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Since October 2006, I’ve been putting up webpages that include songs, tunes, sheet music, pictures and stories about my doings and travels. Since this is the tenth anniversary I’ve chosen a fine song to make my 44th post.

Strike the Bell is at the head of the list here: http://jodykruskal.com/tune_of_the_month/list.html

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Well,well, strike the bell. I know this tune as the Aussie song "Click go the Shears" but of course one of us back in the 1890's borrowed the tune from the song "Ring the Bell Watchman" which is apparently an American Civil War song. Is "Strike the Bell" another version again?


Nicely played and sung Jody. Did enjoy.

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Is "Strike the Bell" another version again?


Sailor's version. Yes.

I don't think it's known which came first, "Strike the Bell" or "Click Go the Shears", but I would guess "Strike the Bell", both because of the "bell" reference and because sailors are likely cuplrits for bringing the tune to Australia from America, especially if they were already singing to it.


I wonder who else has had their way with this song?


Ron Shuttleworth did a fine parody of "Strike the Bell", referring to the "last round" bell before pub closing in the UK. My memory of the chorus is:


Strike the bell, landlord; serve another round;

Such a thirsty crowd as this is seldom to be found.

To break such jovial company would surely be a sin,

So strike the bell, and shut the door, and lock us all in.

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