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Podcast Featuring Jody Kruskal

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Cameron DeWhitt brings his banjo and recording rig around to visit old-time musicians that he admires. He interviews them, learns their tunes and records the music they make together. Last February he came by my place and now it’s up on the web. http://www.camerondewhitt.com/getupinthecool/jodykruskal

Cameron says “Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends. This week’s friend is concertinist Jody Kruskal. If you don't know what a concertina is, that's normal—Jody will explain everything, just know that you're in for a treat. Jody Kruskal is definitely one of my favorite people to play with; when I’m wandering around at night at the festivals I listen for that unique quality that only jams with concertinas can have; it’s like you meeting a german hiker on the appalachian trail; foreign but compatible”.

You can listen to an hour of lively conversation and American tunes on Anglo concertina and banjo including Coon Dog, Josio and a few of my originals: Swaggering Sylvie, Flying South, and Krazy for Kasha.

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Is it too late to name your upcoming tour of the UK the "Jody Kruskal: Foreign but Compatible" tour? :)


It's never too late. Nice quote, eh?


I remember at the Old-Time Clifftop Festival one night, I was about to sit down at a little session when this big guy takes me by the arm and says...


"Hey... do I know you"?


"No" I say, "But I'd like to get to know you".


"Waddda ya play"?




"You mean one a them little squeezy things"? _______________________________ He gives me a long hard look in the eyes,

then smiles broadly and says with a laugh "Well, that'll be a hoot"!


After the first tune, out came the moonshine and pretzel stix. I ended up playing with these nice folks from Ohio for a few delightful hours.


Foreign but Compatible... I guess!

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