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Jones 34 Button G/d Anglo

des tracey

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Jones 34 button Rosewood ended Anglo in the keys of G & D with two 2 drones, each tuned in G but an octave apart and 2 novelty buttons with a cry and whistle.


Nickel silver buttons and 7 fold bellows.


I don't have a history on the concertina, but the previous owner passed on and left it to a non playing relative. I have been told that it hadn't been played in a number of years. A few notes were a bit squeaky, but are now sorted.


On examination, it would appear to have been overhauled and retuned to G/D concert pitch.

I don't know what the original keys were.

There appears to be very little wear on the concertina since overhaul.

Internally it is stamped with Colin & Rosalie Dippers stamps and the bellows is Dipper (probably made in 1997 per the inscription). It is most likely that the rest of the work done was by the Dippers, but I haven't tried to confirm this.


As well as the bellows, the ends have been refinished, new handstraps, springs, pads and valves fitted.

The old Jones air button trap door has been replaced with a regular pad, see pics.


The concertina plays nicely with a lovely tone especially on chords.

It comes in a blocked hard case as shown.

Asking £1600 or best offer.

Appropriate donation to cnet if sold.


Pictures at


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