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Witney Concertinas - Irish


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Hi Geoff


I was not in the anglo/Irish workshop, but I can tell you that Tim's performance in the Saturday evening concert was great, and it included a duet with Simon Thoumire! I was in Simon's workshop on Scottish music for the 1srt session, then in Dave Townsend;s workshops. Great all round.




John Wild

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Yes Geoff,


I was there along with Marj' and we attended all of Tim Collins' Workshops on the Saturday and Sunday. The workshops were some of the best I have ever experienced. We also echo John's comments above.


We found Tim to be not only an all-round nice guy but also a terrific musician (as you would expect) and a truly superb tutor. I think this last point is the one that tells, absolutely brilliant.


We were there mainly as Anglo system 'starters' but defaulted to English system when the going got a bit tough.


Good to hear from you. Do PM me if there is anything specific you need to know Geoff.



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