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Obituary: Peter Honri, 1929 – 2016

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The end of a 4-generation Music Hall dynasty! :(


I met Peter only once, on the evening of 2nd February 1986 (I know the exact date because he autographed my copy of "Working the Halls" then), when I went with Tony Green to the last night of a show of the same name "Working the Halls - The Songs & the Stories of a Music Hall Family" that Peter put on at the Croydon Warehouse Theatre.


But I did later buy a suitcase full of Honri family photos, plus large original, antique Music Hall posters of Percy Honi that Peter sold at auction, and Phil Inglis bought one of Percy Honri's concertinas there too.


Peter Honri performs an Old Music Hall Number, 1960's

R.I.P. Peter.
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Thanks for posting, Jake. I was sorry to read this news a couple of days ago.


Like Steven, I did not meet Peter on many occasions, but he was certainly a character.


Our first meeting was at Peter's 'Working the Halls' show, as mentioned by Steven. Peter was living in Basingstoke at the time, and gave me an invitation to drop in if I was ever in the area.


In 1988, en route to the WCCP event at Halsway Manor, and realising that I could have a couple of hours spare in Basingstoke, I telephoned to see whether it would be convenient to visit. It was, and I found both Peter and June at home, with Peter working on the construction of a model railway. We chatted for a while, then it was time for me to meet a fellow concertina player who was driving me down to the event. That evening, I started to feel unwell ... turned out to be 'flu and I was not well enough to do most of what I was booked to do over the weekend. My driver, who was flying to the USA a few days later was also ill whilst away, and I never did get around to ringing Peter to see whether he had also been unwell. He had a forth-coming tour!


Our last meeting was at the 1992 'Concertinas at Witney' event, where Peter was one of the guest performers. It was good to see that performance on stage; Peter was very much a showman. The concert was recorded (by Phil Beer), and highlights put out on cassette format. Whether it is still available, in any format, I don't know, but Dave Townsend might be able to advise.

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Now that I've read it (I couldn't previously because I'd already exceeded my quota of articles!) I'm surprised the Telegraph obituary failed to mention Peter's role as the concertina man in the film of Lionel Bart's musical Oliver (based on Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist).


He appears in both these scenes:




Consider Yourself

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