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Wheatstone Mayfair English Concertina SOLD


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I have a nice looking English system Mayfair concertina for sale or px for a G D melodeon , I brought this with an Anglo when I was starting my concertina journey ........ The Anglo won .

As far as I can tell it's nicely in tune and all working . I believe it's from 1955.

Asking £375 .post-12068-0-86750900-1474659677_thumb.jpeg




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I started with one of these also. Boris Matusewitch case and all.

And with me also the anglo won out, in large part due to the influence of this man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHtFuLznZkY&feature=youtu.be

Many delirious nights in County Clare in the early eighties.

Good luck selling the Mayfair.

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Hello there! I'm entirely new to this forum and signed up because I saw your posting about the Wheatstone Mayfair that you would like to sell. I realize that entry is rather old, but I wonder if you still have it and if it's still for sale. If so, I am very much interested in buying it, as I've been looking for an English concertina of that sort for quite a while.

I'm looking forward to your response!

Kind regards,


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