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Buttons And Handstrap Scholer Needed


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I have an Scholer that is missing some parts.

I'm looking for the white buttons and the brown handstraps.


I like to have one button incl the wood underneed it and one with or without the wood.

Also I like to have the two straps.

(not the straps on the picture, but the handstraps, picture is for type of strap)

I consider to make them by myself, but original would be better;)


Thanky you




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From what I've understood, Scholer concertinas are really not well considered - it's unlikely you can find spare parts.


You'll probably have to buy other Scholer concertinas to take the bits and pieces off...and it remains to be seen whether it's worth it.


As for original handstraps well, if it's like on mine, others might already be worn-out too, so if you plan on playing this Anglo you'll have to get new straps anyway (I find my Scholer rather heavy).


This thread might also help: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=15865&hl=scholer


Good luck anyway,



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If you're in Newfoundland, here is a link to a Scholer for sale in Nova Scotia for $90 CAD:

But if you're in the Netherlands, the shipping to Europe from Canada may make this potential solution too expensive.


Good luck.



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I would say that it's not worth restoring, as it's a very low-value concertina, even if everything was working well.

If you just want to hear it play, or learn on it, I would get some wooden dowels and cut yourself some buttons, just to do the job and be able to play it. The money value doesn't warrant spending money on it, but that way you could have some fun with it.


Likewise with the straps, it's easy to make some out of scrap leather, or old shoulder straps off a laptop bag or some such material.

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