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Magazine Concertina World 467 September 2016

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Tne new issue of Concertina World (467) has come out this week and for the first time all readers have received a cd with the magazine. The music on the cd covers a repertoire from 1840 to 1912. Music by Molique, Harcourt, Bridge, Benedict, Regondi and MacFarren.

The sheetmusic is available from the library of the International Concertina Association with the exception of the music by Frank Bridge which is available from music shops.




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I'd add to some of these comments - the CD alone, which I much enjoyed, would justify the membership fee for me. As Hereward says, it provides much food for thought in terms of developing one's own playing (whatever type of music you favour). Concertina World is also invariably a good read, from which I have learnt much.


Keep up the good work Pauline & Co.


(from another grateful ICA member)

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Yup always enjoy the magazine. Lots of interesting concertina related stuff in it. The cd's pretty good too. Not my kind of music but certainly makes you think about the potential of the instrument. keep up the good work! (and could we have a cd of Irish tunes played on the Anglo next please? :-) )

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So many people, so many wishes.


I think the ICA should aim to publish music that is not normally easily avaible on cd or in any other form of audio.

Small group part playing pdfs of arrangements have been in the music supplement before. Both by Dave Townsend and Brian Creer/Valmai Goodyear. Have not heard/seen any recordings of these arrangements sofar. Except maybe something on YouTube of a workshop.

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