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I have been talking a lot here and taking up much of your time with questions, which you very kindly answer! I thought it might interest some to know where I am at with things.


After much deliberation and a little pain on the bank account, I now own a Lachenal rosewood ended G/D & an Edgley metal ended G/D - both of which I very much love, for different reasons.


The Edgley was loud and brash at the start, but after 50+ hours of playing is now settling into itself and has a lovely tone, and incredible response. The Lachenal was a recent acquisition, and arrived in a not great state. I have spent many evenings this week putting things right with this lovely box. I have replaced pads and valves (hat tip to Mark at concertina spares, and Alex Holden for the help and supplies) and have cleaned up the reeds of corrosion and muck as well as resetting a couple of them (were too high and wheezy as a result)


I have also treated all the woodwork with Danish oil, giving it a natural sheen and you can tell the wood was happy to have some nourishment! I used a spirit based cleaner to remove the years of accumulated dirt from the lever arms and similar and have cleaned and polished the buttons.


So, here are a few sound samples of the two being played: https://soundcloud.com/clevercode/lachenal-rosewood-ended-gd-edgley-metal-ended-gd-comparison. On each tune you hear the Lachenal first, followed by the Edgley for comparison. Please forgive my playing! Each have a very different sound, and I'm glad to have both in my collection.

Tunes are:
Shepherds Hey
The Beaver
Bear Dance
Below are a couple of images aforementioned concertinas :) Sorry - I took them under bad lighting, hence the yellow tone to both images!
If you really want to see what I've been up to - check out my Instagram feed https://www.instagram.com/clevercode/
Thanks again for all the advice over these months - trust me when I say - the questions aren't over! :)
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Bravo Will, brilliant job and thank you for recording such interesting comparisons.


We found your playing very appealing, in fact when I was playing it from SoundCloud, Marj' ran in from the next room to see what it was all about.


For us both, the Edgley had the edge (sorry !) we felt, with greater clarity of tone but the Lachenal is sounding very good too, well done. BTW loved the photos.


Having now ourselves recently entered the realms of those playing (?) both English and Anglo systems we wondered whether…..


'Englo players do it with Anguish' …….. oh dear ….. banned from here now I expect and sent to 'Trash' !



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