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Aislaby Moon

John Wild

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At the recent Whitby folk week, some friends were staying a few miles out at the village of Aislaby. After a pleasant evening hosted by them, when we were leaving, there was an amazing red moon. Back home soon after, I found this tune emerging, and I had to call it "Aislaby moon". I did get a photo of the moon, though it is not professional standard.


I am trying to attach here the photo and the tune. I hope this works.


I hope this ABC transxcription is correct:


T:Aislaby Moon
C:John E.Wild
W: Inspired by the sight of a red moon over the village of Aislaby, near Whitby, 22/08/2016.
|C||:FCF|G>AB|c-ce/d/|c2d/e/|f>ed|BGA|B>cB|1 G2C:|2 G-GA/B/||
|:cAc|f>ed|BG>A|B2d/c/|B>cd|fcA|AG>A|1 G2A/B/:|2 F3||




- John Wild.

post-160-0-12295000-1472909696_thumb.jpgAislaby Moon -F.pdf

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We were out at Aislaby several miles ouside Whitby, where some friends had rented a house for the week. there was minimal artficial light to get in the way. I did not think my picture was particularly good. It need more zoom for a close up.


Did you like the tune?

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