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Wheatstone Anglo Serial No.xxxxx

Stephen Chambers

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This dubious auction has just started on eBay :


Unique opportunity : the only six sided 40 key Wheatstone Anglo (C/G). Serial no.XXXXX. Six fold leather bellows in excellent condition. No leaks or patches. Full playing condition - all keys working in both directions. Comes with a case.


For an indication of the value of this type of concertina visit www.buttonbox.com for serial no58819 priced at 2995USD.


Does anybody recognise the wording (or the photos) from anywhere ?


The seller is a "newbie", bidders' identities are kept private and only payment by "Personal cheque, Postal Order or Banker's Draft" is accepted.


Sounds like a scam. :angry:

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eBay keeps an eye on these scams in general, so they may have just caught it themselves, watching for all the warning signs (new user, limited payment options, hidden bidders' identities, etc.). Good to know they're being so quick!




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<_< It looks similar to a concertina offered by Vic22(?) from Australia some time ago. He sells mostly Wheatstone anglos of that post WWII era which this one looks like it could be.

It could be alright, it certainly looks like it was "lifted" from a previous eBay auction, and I think I saw it before. Of course, if you click on the Button Box link, Wheatstone 58819 is no longer there for comparison.

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