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Ec Thumb Problems

Steve Griffiths

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10 hours ago, StephenTx said:

Geoff I noticed on some of the instruments that they have thicker thumb straps. I happen to run across this post I’m wondering if anyone knows where are you can get those I wonder if the button box or Greg J does it

Stephen,  you can get  thumb straps  from  Wim  Wakker, he  lists  them  as  spare parts  at  www.concertinaconnection.com/spares.htm   , whether  his  standard  straps  are  the  nicely  padded  ones,  or  not,  I  cannot say  but worth  an ask.  Certainly  the  straps  shown  in  the photos of  the  Wakker English models  on  his website  look  like  the  padded  variety .

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On 8/27/2016 at 7:45 AM, John Adey said:

The straps allow the lateral stress of bellows movement, especially on the draw, to be borne by the back of your hand rather than the joints of your thumbs.


I found that applying a little torque to the bellows as the first movement in a draw, similar to the motion you might make opening a book with both hands, helped my thumbs out a lot. If I drew the bellows in a linear fashion, then yeah, mine hurt as well. 


EDIT: Ha, sorry about the necro! Didn't realize it was that old.

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