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Wanted Nice Stagi Hayden Concertina


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If you are settled upon a Stagi, do consider

getting it from Button Box as they fine tune

it before sending selling.


They have information about their

"enhancement" process on their web site.


You may want to just take a drive up there

and try it out. It would make a nice (although

somewhat long) day trip. When it comes

to something like this, it may be worth it !!


But call them to check out availability to make

sure what you are interested in will be there

when you arrive.



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The folks at the ButtonBox are great.


And they will give you a full purchase price refund when you are ready to move up to a Beaumont.

And if you buy from the Button Box then you could also trade up to a Peacock, or better, from the Concertina Connection. Wim at CC does not care where you bought your trade-in instrument.


And, and you can rent an Elise from the Button Box to try it out. I think that they will give you an allowance for your rental fee if you later buy from them.


And, and, and they probably know more than anyone about the good, the bad and the ugly of Stagis.


Worth a trip.

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Funnily enough, I am about to advertise a used Stagi Hayden (2012) which I acquired during a brief flirtation with the Hayden system before settling on the English. It is in tune, the bellows are sound and it is in good cosmetic condition, with just the odd scratch in the varnish. I had an accordion technician adjust a couple of reeds that are a bit slow to speak. One still is a bit slow and when I took it back to the technician he said it just needs to be played in a bit. I'm no expert on this issue and because of it I'm asking for €400 and am willing to split the shipping costs from France.

Let me know by PM if you're interested, send me your email address and I'll send you some pictures.



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