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Hohner D40 And Other Concertinas That Suck


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On 12/28/2022 at 2:12 AM, Don Taylor said:

AFAICT, by looking at the Hohner.de website, Hohner no longer makes or sells any concertinas.


It appears that Hohner has indeed withdrawn from concertina. However, it wasn't until last year, when I was just starting to research concertinas, I noticed that an online music store in China still had D40s with Hohner's name on them, but now they've been removed from the list. I guess when Hohner canceled their last order, that manufacturer still had a lot of unfinished concertinas, especially the action boxes with the Hohner name on them, which are now all used up. The successor (maybe) of the D40 sold in China looks like this:




Another online music store has a few original D40s in stock, but without a Hohner name on them:




What Buttonpusher mentioned could be some of the last batches of D40s, otherwise he's just telling the experiment before Hohner withdrawn from the concertinas.

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21 hours ago, Ken_Coles said:

To all,


The way to promote gentler language is to quit posting in this thread and instead open a new one (with a nicer title) if there are things worthy of discussion.




My apology, I didn't see your post on the 2nd page until I made my post.

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