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Theme From Grandstand

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This may only make sense to Brits :) --- it's the theme tune for Saturday afternoon sport on the BBC in the 1970s and 80s. I've often said that if I wrote a single tune as good as this I'd die happy, and I say that completely without sarcasm.


It's played in D on a C-core Jeffries duet. The chord structure to this tune is really lovely but a pig to play on the Jeffries! Sadly there's no way of reproducing the timpani glissando in the first section...



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Thanks folks --


Gavin -- yes, definitely south of 50 at the moment!


John -- I confess I was lazy with the articulation of the repeated semiquavers on D taken by the xylophone in the original and used bellows rather than fingers... Some of the chord changes are hilariously counter-intuitive on Jeff duet but you're a brave man to attempt that lovely not-quite-circle-of-5th modulation passage on a C/G!


Now, I must keep that Blankety-Blank pledge...

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