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Square Herrington Anglo For Sale


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A pet needs surgery. Otherwise I would never part with this little gem!

It's a Harold Harrington square 30 button anglo. I bought it from this forum about five years ago for $1500.00, and given the circumstances, I'm willing to sell it for the same price.

I've had this with me at several gatherings, and at Old Pal in Texas I was able to show it to Harold. He was pleased to see that it was still in great condition and said that it will still be around after he and I are gone.


Is anyone interested?


Ken Shaw

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Nick, I know you meant it in fun, but have a heart man!

Well, he's got the Dickens character down pat anyway. Good show.


If you are able to post some photos, Ken, and inform us whether it has a Jeffries or Wheatstone keyboard layout, that might hasten the sale. I hope equilibrium is restored soon.

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I appreciate Nick's attempt at humor at this difficult time. Also the defense from Ted and Laitch.


The animal is a desert tortoise with a huge bladder stone. It's not exactly a pet, it was a rescue. I've accepted the responsibility for three of these. I'll spare you the details of its suffering. With surgery it could live up to 70 more years. My oldest tortoise is documented at 75, and the vet says he could be a hundred years old!


The owner is an anglo player with four great C/G 30 button anglos. I have never before sold an instrument. Recent retirement has changed my financial situation!


The instrument is actually well known, nearly famous. Harold Harrington was a fine gentleman from Texas who considered himself to be an engineer. He made only about 40 instruments and all are different. He re-tooled for almost every one. This one is oak, with some metal inlays in the sides, and with really long red bellows. The bellows are deeply "corrugated" so that there is good stability, and there's no problem keeping the ends parallel as there can be with some with some extended bellows. The tone is pleasantly reedy, unlike any other I've heard. Harold said the reeds are aluminum accordion reeds, so that makes it a 'hybrid' instrument. The action is fast and easy. the system is essentially Wheatstone, with an extra c# in the upper right. It has a HH case.


My expectation is that someone who already knows this instrument (Jody, Gary, Michael Eskin) will see that it's for sale and want it. Testimonials are welcomed!


Pictures will be posted as soon as I get a few computer issues resolved.



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Wow, that is incredibly generous of you, Mike and kenneads!


This surgery will cost about $1000.00, so I think I'll have to continue to sell the Harrington.

Well, maybe you'll end up selling it, and maybe a few more people would step forward. I don't know if enough of us would step forward to make a difference, but I imagine you'll know either way soon enough: someone will snap up your Herrington, or maybe enough people will step forward with contributions to make it feasible. Or, I suppose, neither will happen. If,say, half the amount of the surgery were raised, would that be enough, or would we need to raise the whole amount?

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